Pug on a Surfboard Awareness Day

How many people are aware of a pug on a surfboard? Ten thousand? Two million? Five?

Whatever number those so-called "statisticians" might tell you, one fact remains: IT IS NOT ENOUGH.

That's why the Marxist Nudist Taxidermy Club hits the streets of New York, Amsterdam, Toronto, and North Korea once a year, every year to raise awareness for this cause.

And unlike some other guilt-inducing awareness days, POASAD starts and ends with conscious recognition. We're not seeking donations, action, or increased compassion. We just want you to think about a purebred abomination straddling a thin polyurethane construct.


Comrade Credits
Doug Ottney - Charles Dalrymple-Fraser - Steven McGie - Jessica Weaver - Kelly Best - Josh Stevens


Pug on a Surfboard Awareness Day


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